Steps for watching our videos: runtime or superior

We recommend using the DEO VR player

As an altenative, you can use AutoplayVR, instructions here:

  1. Download and unzip AutoPlayVR

  2. Open the folder where you unzipped the player.
  3. Open the Videos folder.
  4. Copy or move any of VirtualTaboo videos on that folder.
  5. Start AutoPlayVR
  6. The video should play correctly in your Oculus headsets after the program starts.
  7. you can use the bottom icon to center the view in a orientation you feel comfortable with.
  8. If the video doesn't play correctly:
    • Using the mouse, click so you get the menu, press the tool icon and check you are in 3D mode
    • Make sure the mode is side-by-side
    • click on the middle checkbox, and click again on the resize icon
    • On this menu, X should be 180, Y, 360
    • Go back, all should look correctly now

Pre- runtime

  1. Download and install LiveViewRift

  2. Set Oculus display mode to Extend Desktop
  3. Open LiveViewRift.
  4. Select this Settings on LiveViewRift:
    • Type: Video
    • Path: Select the video file
    • Press Start
    • Press H key until you see the HUD
    • Press E key until you see “LR”
    • Press P key until you see “equir”
    • Press J/K keys until equir lat is at 180
    • Press N/M keys until equir lat is at 180
    • Press S/D keys until Converge is at 0
    • Press Up/Down keys until Repair is at 0
    • You can control the vertical pitch with Z/U keys

Enjoy the video!

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