Princess Alice has her friend Jessie Ames over for the weekend. The lifelong friends enjoy being silly together and decide to play a game of Twister.

It seems like fun on the surface but is really just an excuse to get their bodies close together and set up a hot make-out session before they get into bed together to do what only "more than friends" friends do.The only thing girls did not expect was that they were not alone at home. Alice's stepbrother and his best friend put on masks to sneak up on the girls and scare them. Their trick works and the girls squeal with shock at the sight. This doesn't last long though as the guys whip out their cocks to propose a new game. Alice and Jessie know just what to do and start sucking dick like starved VR porn sluts. It doesn't matter that two of the participants are step siblings, this is a hot four-way fuck and everyone wants a piece of everyone else. When the guys bend them over, the girls are able to kiss each other, sharing a moment and sharing simultaneous orgasms. With all the VR porn fun they have had together, they have never fucked guys at the same time, so the girls delight in tasting each other's cum from a hard dick. Deciding on one more mask, the guys stand over Jessie and Alice, unleashing big loads of cream that cover their pretty faces. Game night is going to be a lot more fun from now on.

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