When Alex Harper's boyfriend moved away to go to college, they promised to make the best of a difficult situation. They talked on the phone often and even managed to keep their sex life interesting thanks to a messenger app with a live chat feature. These naughty chats helped keep Alex from getting too horny and cheating on her boyfriend. She makes a call to her boyfriend, but accidentally dials her stepbrother's phone. He picks up and sees more of Alex than he has ever dreamed of. Dressed in sexy lingerie and a mask, she starts to dance and strip before she realizes the mistake she has made. Embarrassed, Alex runs into brother's room to explain. She can't help but how much her show has turned him on or the huge bulge in his jeans. Horny herself, sister offers to continue the show if he promises not to tell anyone, especially her boyfriend. Pulling his cock out of his jeans, Alex pops it into her mouth and purrs around the thick shaft. She takes her mask off so he can get a look at her pretty face while she slides her hot mouth up and down his rod. Playing with herself for her boyfriend was fun, but her pussy is dying to be fucked good and hard by a real cock. Peeling off her wet panties, she sits on his big dick and lets it sink deep into her hot hole. He is bigger than her boyfriend and she feels every inch of him. She works him with her mouth again until he explodes all over her face and tits. Alex wants him to keep their fucking a secret, but also can't wait to do it again.
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