Life is rough when you are stuck inside all summer with nothing but your VR Headset and hot VR Porn Scenes to watch all day. It is even tougher when you are quarantined with a super-hot 19 year old stepsister like Carmen Karmel. Seeing her around the house in just a thong and shirt drove him crazy. She looked like the hot VR Porn Stars he loved to jerk off to. Eventually the pressure was too great and he bought her a special gift to let her know what he was feeling. She opened it up and found a butt plug. He explained that he has seen one uses in a VR Porn Series for women who wanted to try anal sex. Carmen has seen some VR Porn Scenes, but does not immediately recognize what the toy is for. When brother explains, she is intrigued and wants to give it a try. He puts it into her ass gently just like he has seen in VR Porn Movies. It looks even hotter to him with VR Goggles in the way. The plug feels strange in her butt, but it also turns Carmen on to pretend she is staring in a VR Porn Movie. She gives brother head, but knows what he came for. Enjoy the High Definition Virtual Reality action as he slides his big dick into her tight asshole. It is a new sensation and a tight fit, but Carmen loves it and begs to taste brother's load. Anything can happen in Virtual Reality Porn, even turning cute sister into a dirty little anal slut.

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