Ever since your father married Angel, you can't stop thinking about. You can't stop fantasizing about her. It doesn't matter how wrong it is. No matter how hard you try, you can stop thinking about busty MILF. Thoughts of her in the next room, trying on sexy black lingerie to wear when she greets your father after a long day at the office. Her long, stocking-clad legs. Her huge tits spilling over a push-up bra. A set of fuck me pumps she would wear while giving her body to him. You imagine walking in on her and having Angel greet you with a sexy smile and open arms. She has seen you watching her, noticed the way you stare down her top when she bends over. It's OK, she thinks about you the same way. This sexy MILF totally has the hots for you. There is time before your father comes home. His big-titted blonde wife needs a big hard cock to play with. Take out your cock and stroke it. Stroke it for her huge hooters. Pump your fist to the sight of her big juicy ass bent over in your face. Just look at how wet she is. How easily her fingers slide into that juicy cunt while she watches you jerk off to her. Her pace quickens with you racing towards a climax. You both cum together. Next time dad leaves for business, things are going to get real.

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