When your stepsister asked you to tell her what you think of her Halloween costume, you expected something pretty hot. Chrystal is 19, blonde, tattooed up and known around college as more than a bit of a slut. Still, you didn’t expect her come out of her room in the sluttiest schoolgirl outfit you have ever seen. The skirt is short enough for her ass to be hanging out and the top is nothing but a fishnet bodysuit that leaves her firm tits and stiff nipples readily visible. Chrystal asks what you think. If it will win her the “sluttiest costume” prize and if all the boys will want to fuck her. You can’t believe how she looks or how she is talking to you, but of course everyone will want to fuck her. Chrystal sees the bulge in your pants and ask if you want to fuck her. You do, but she is your stepsister. That wouldn’t be right. She laughs at that, reminding you that you aren’t really related and that she has already fucked half the school. Chrystal Sinn VR has already fucked a bunch of your friends and she knows you want to eat her sweet pussy. You try to resist, but she is right. You do want to see more. You do want to fuck sister’s hot, slutty pussy. She can see from your bulge that you do and that turns her on. Chrystal throws her legs back and fingers herself. She is begging you to join her. Now is the time to make your VR Porn dreams come true.
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