Adorable blonde Angelica Grays is very excited. Her friend Romy Indy is coming to visit. After meeting online and talking for hours, the two girls have become virtual besties and decided that it is finally time to meet. As she shares the news with her stepbrother, Angelika decides that she can't wait for Romy to arrive and heads to the train station to surprise her. As luck would have it, Romy arrived early and walks through the door just moments after Angelica left to pick her up. Romy introduces herself to Angelika's stepbrother and decides to unpack while she waits for her friend to return. She starts rummaging through her suitcase. As she does, Romy's thick juicy ass is clearly visible in her tight shorts. He can't help but stare and rub his cock through his jeans. When Romy turns around she sees the outline of his hard cock about to burst from his pants. She can't believe how big it looks and wants to touch it. He isn't about to say no to a beautiful young girl. When she pulls it out, Romy finds that it is just as big as the thought. Angelika finally comes home from the train station to find her new friend sucking brother's big dick. She is shocked at first, but Romy quickly convinces Angelika that they should share it to cement their friendship bond. After they both suck it, Angelika pulls down Romy's shorts and guides brother's cock into her tight little pussy. Wanting some of that for herself, she bends over and lets brother fuck her from behind while eating her new friend. Both girls enjoy his huge cock and share a big sticky load of his cream. It is going to be a really fun visit for all three of them.
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