Dating Ara Mix is always an adventure. She knows how to keep things fresh and interesting in and out of the bedroom. She also brings out the best in you professionally.

Knowing that you are days away from a huge VR presentation at the office, she has given you a lot of space and time to prepare. She also knows that you need a way to relax and deserve a reward for all that hard work and dedication. On the night before your presentation, she asks if you feel ready. You do and she tells you that you have earned a special treat. Ara comes out dressed in her sexiest lingerie and you feel quite lucky. No sex though. Not tonight. You need to save your strength and be sharp for tomorrow. Instead of a long night of rigorous love-making, she is going to help you take care of yourself. She is going to give you a sexy VR porn show to help things along. Sit down. Go ahead, get comfortable. Take off your pants so you can play with yourself while she shows you all she has. She puts on some music and starts to dance, shaking her ass for you and giving you a peek at what’s under her skimpy lingerie. Ara knows how much you love her perky tits, especially when her nipples are rock hard like they are from watching you pump your meat. Her nipples aren’t the only part of her body that is excited. She bends over and shows you how wet her lips are. Wouldn’t it feel good to slip your cock in? Not today. You will have to just stroke away while her fingers fuck her wonderfully tight little pussy. Pump until you shoot that big load for her. And if you do well on your presentation, you get the real thing as the second half of your special surprise.

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