Oliva Stark and Jennifer Mendez are just back from the store. It was an unusual day of shopping as Olivia spent the day with her boyfriend’s stepdaughter.

Jennifer had discovered her stepdad was banging his big titted side piece while her mother was away. Instead of being upset, she agreed to keep their secret if she got to join the fun and use his credit card for some new clothes. Their shopping trip included a stop at the lingerie shop where they both loaded up on hot outfits that made them look like VR Porn models. They model for you, showing off their big asses until you can hardly contain your desire to see more. They both know that you love big tits even more than booties so they break out their big guns and shove them in your face. Looking at such monumental knockers, you don't care how much money they spent. In this VR porn video, the girls decide to lose their panties and spread their legs. With a better view of your girlfriend and your stepdaughter, you take out your cock and start to pump it. They both want you but enjoy teasing you, asking you which one you want to fuck first. It is a tough decision made more difficult when they start talking dirty and rubbing their pussies. You forget about choosing and just cum with them, shooting your load all over their bodies. Round two is going to be even more fun.

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