Kinuski VR has been happily married to a handsome, hard working guy, who is smart and takes care of everything. They are living under the same roof with his son and ever since she moved in, they've become a close tight knit family.

Lately Kinuski has noticed that her husband is quite overwhelmed with his new job and even started neglecting her, saying he is too tired for their sexual games. He works so hard to provide for them, so his wife won't let him stay distant like that. How can he be expected to keep their marriage without good fuck? She decides that the best way to make him feel relaxed and appreciated after a day of hard work is to provide her best erotic VR porn show. She gets dressed up in her sexiest bra and panties and, while preparing, bumps into her stepson who is just back from college. He is shocked to see his stepmother dressed in a very revealing lingerie and confused at the same time because her look turns him on. Kinuski explains that she wants to make a special night for his father and asks him what he thinks about that. She also knows he can't touch her, but perhaps he can enjoy himself too while he watches her exciting VR porn surprise. As much as he knows he should say no, he can't take his eyes off of her beautiful MILF body and perfect moves. Kinuski starts to slip out of her clothes. As she takes her tits out of her bra, he slides his cock from his pants and starts to stroke it. This is how she plays with herself when she thinks about his father and his big cock. Her favorite fantasies involve his dick right in her tightest hole. She teases and strips, showing her stepson more of her body and touching her horny pussy. He likes what he sees and that makes her even hotter. This erotic show has her pussy dripping as her fingers slide inside. She knows it would be wrong to tease and watch but it is all she can think about as she cums on her fingers when her stepson shoots his load. They have definitely become a bit closer and he knows that his father is a lucky guy.

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