Sexy teen Lika Star (aka Masha) has her hot friend Alecia Fox over for the weekend. The girls enjoy breakfast while Lika's stepmother Georgie and stepbrother are in the kitchen. Alecia has always thought her friend's brother was cute and convinces Lika to help her tease him. With mom so close, he is nervous, but really interested when the girls get closer. He wants Alecia and can't believe that Lika is on her knees next to her friend. Wrong or not, he can't wait to feel two horny mouths on his cock and doesn't care how close mother is. They take out his cock and smile at how big and hard it already is. Passing it back and forth, they savor the meat while he tries to stay quiet as mom prepares breakfast just a few feet away from the debauchery. They can't keep a secret for long and Georgie catches stepdaughter and her slutty friend giving stepson a blowjob. Mom is shocked, but also eager to join the two younger blondes. A cock that size is nothing to let go to waste and Georgie wants to teach girls how to properly suck that big rod. All three of them pass the dick back and forth before Alecia gets on top and puts it into her pussy. Lika and Georgie are overcome with lust by now and eat each other out right in front of brother/son while waiting for their turn. Georgie gets on top, taking every inch with great enthusiasm before Lika goes last, fucking stepbrother until he is ready to explode. The two pretty teens stroke his cock together until he explodes all over slutty mom's mouth.
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