You haven't even noticed how quickly your younger step sister Hot Pearl VR has grown up. She is going out and already dating some random guys.

Today she has called you to say that she wants you to meet for dinner her new date at your parent's house. She also asks if you can pop in earlier to see the special present she has bought for the date. You are curious of course and shocked to see her in a sexy and revealing outfit. She is teasing you, moving around and touching her nipples. It makes her smile to notice that you can't take your eyes off of her beautiful body and perfect moves. Not wanting any trouble, you think it was just easier to leave the room and enjoy some VR Porn in your bedroom, but the hardon in your pants is hard to keep. She likes knowing that you appreciate how she looks and slowly spreads her legs until she has your full attention. Do you like what you see? She works hard on her ass and likes it when handsome men stare at it. You know your parents would be upset, but you can’t stop staring at her ass. Now that she knows you won’t leave, Hot Pearl VR starts stripping and lets you see her totally naked. She gives you a close up view of her ass as her fingers begin to play with her pussy. She wants to see your cock, see you stroke it, see it throb for her while she rubs her clit. How far will you take it? Will you give your step sister the dick she needs and can you do it before her new date comes?

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