Sandralyd VR has been with her boyfriend for a while. They had a hot and heavy sex life before he left for college. Now that he is gone, they still have weekly sexy calls, but it just isn’t enough.

She finds herself horny all the time and really missing him. Talking dirty to her man and teasing him while he jerks off makes her so hot that she doesn’t notice that her step brother is watching her. Her boyfriend hangs up, leaving her horny so when she turns around to see her step brother staring at her, she decides that she isn’t going to stop touching herself. If he wants to stick around watch, so be it. He does watch as she exposes herself and crawls over to him on her knees. She can see that he is excited and decides to take a peek at his cock. It is big and hard and just perfect for what she has in mind. With her boyfriend far away, she knows that she has found a cock that can satisfy her urges and is not about to turn back now. After giving him a sloppy blowjob, she turns around and tells her step brother to put his dick inside of her. It feels good to be wanted and even better to be banged so deep. In this VR porn episode she decides to let him try something her boyfriend has wanted for a while. Spreading her cheeks, Sandralyd tells him to put it in her ass. It is a tight fit, but exactly what she wanted. She rides him hard until he can’t take it anymore and then she sucks the load right out of him. With her face covered in her brother’s cum she decides to give her boyfriend another call and see how he likes her now.

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