One of the best things about dating Kama Oxi is the way she always finds just the perfect way to let you know she cares. Whether is it planning a perfect date night or cooking your favorite meal on a bad day, she is always coming up with something special and often sexy to brighten your day.

When she tells you to plan on something really fun for your birthday you aren’t sure what it will be, but you know it will be awesome. You arrive at home and find her ready for you wearing a brand new set of lingerie that is simply stunning. She spins around to give you a view from all angles. Since she knows you have wanted to watch her masturbate for a long time, Kama has decided that tonight is the night you get your wish. So sit back, undo your pants, relax until the mood strikes you, and then stroke away while you enjoy the VR porn show. She is right of course, you are going to enjoy the show. Seeing her dance for you, slowly showing off more of her body, is just such a huge turn-on. Her long legs and firm ass look good, but as soon as her panties come off, your cock begins to throb. She starts to touch herself between her legs, begging to see you do the same. Watching her has been a VR taboo fantasy for so long and now that it is coming true, your cock can barely stand the excitement. You both pick up speed as your pleasure increases. It is a race to climax, but no matter who finishes first, this is just the beginning of a very special evening.

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