Sia Siberia's horny stepbrother is spying on her while she masturbates in her sexy anime costume. He tries to stay hidden, but she already knows he is there. In fact, she has planned the whole thing, picking out a costume she knows he likes and doing her best to look like the girls he masturbates to when he thinks sister doesn't know. She sucks on her rainbow unicorn dildo and rubs her tight little pussy while moaning brother's name. He can't believe what he hears and lets a moan. Sia pretends to be surprised to see him, but instead of making him leave, she asks him to fuck her with her special toy. He sticks it into her pussy and then her tight asshole. Sia does her best to moan and make faces like his favorite characters do, but she wants more than just a toy. Begging brother for his cock, she knows she will get what she wants when she sees how big and hard he is. Looking up at him and making cute faces while she gives head, Jenny makes both of their fantasies come true. Turning away from him she reaches back and guides him into her twat. He can't believe how tight and wet she is as his cock sinks all the way in. Jenny has never let anyone fuck her ass before and wants brother to take her butthole cherry. He does so with pleasure, stretching her out until he can hold back no longer and pulls out to shoot all over Sia's cute face. He no longer needs to masturbate to his comics because he has the real thing right in his own home.

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