Pretty Mia Split has been a dancer nearly her whole life. Years of private lessons, training and countless recitals have honed her craft and her body. Dancing has made her strong, confident, flexible and graceful. It has been her favorite form of physical fitness and artistic expression. But lately, dancing has done something else for Mia, it has made her incredibly horny. Everything from her skin tight leotard to the intense stretching makes her entire body tingle with desire. With no boyfriend in the picture, Mia is left turned on and frustrated every time she dances. She has developed a routine to cope with her sexual tension. Every night when she comes home from dance class she showers, puts on a clean leotard and then starts stretching. The blood flow to her thighs increases immediately and she feels her pussy grow wetter and wetter. She uses a hanging chair and the beams on her ceiling to get herself into positions that allow her legs to spread as far as they can. Mia has added a special rug to the room that rubs her through her leotard as she does the splits, gently grinding her pussy against the floor. Once she has completed this routine, she removes her leotard and goes through the movies again, this time with her tight young body exposed to the air and her pussy fully exposed. Fully aroused by now, she rubs her fingers against her wet lips and slides them in until she cums all over her hands. Dancing has always been Mia's passion, but now she has fresh new reasons to love it.
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