Your roommate’s girlfriend Melody Marks is an aspiring model. She is always rushing in and out of the apartment, heading off to some VR porn shoot or another.

You are just kicking back playing video games, waiting for her to leave so you can have some alone time with your VR Headset when she comes out of his room dressed in next to nothing. She explains that she has been hired for an underwear shoot and wants your opinion on the outfit they gave her. You know that your roommate would not be happy to have her running around like that, but she insists on you taking a closer look. Spinning around she sticks out her ass which is barely covered by the thin material of her thong. Seeing the look in your eyes, she smiles. She has noticed you checking her out and now that you are getting a better look she can see you getting hard in your jeans. If you want to see more, you’re going to need to take those off and stroke your cock for her. Don’t worry, she won’t tell her boyfriend. Just reach down and jerk that big dick. She has noticed you checking her out and has a secret. When she fucks him, she’s thinking of you. Slipping out of her panties, she spreads her legs and slides her fingers in and out of her pussy. No, you can’t fuck her. That would be cheating and she loves her boyfriend. That doesn’t mean she wants you to stop stroking. Don’t you dare stop, not when she is so close herself? Let go, join her in a mind-blowing climax. She won’t tell and if you’re lucky, maybe next time you can do more.

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