It has been a long semester at college for best friends Scarlett Jones, Lilly Bella and Kylie Green. They have been in constant competition with one another for the boys they like, the cutest clothes and even the best grades.

Knowing that their final marks will be posted on their favourite professor’s board, the trio of teen hotties sneak in to get a peek. In this VR porn scene, they are stunned to see that two of them scored the worst grade. While they are changing their grades, they notice that the professor has walked in and caught them where they are not supposed to be. They don’t want to be in trouble and decide to get out of it and solve their final score problem at the same time. If you promise to let them go, they will put on a hot VR show for you and at the end you can tell them which one you want to fuck the most and she will be named the champion of the semester. You like that idea just fine and agree to let the girls do what they want. They start by playfully lifting their skirt to show that they have all three done without panties today, like every day. Scarlett knows she has an advantage when they flash their tits since hers are so much bigger than her friends’. You are drawn to her tight pussy and fiery red bush as well. Still, her friends want their chance to show the handsome professor their horny little holes. Being watched and lusted after by her professor even makes Kylie cum all over her fingers, but in the end, you tell the girls that the one who fucks you is the winner. Who will it be?

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