There are lots of reason blonde bombshell Tiffany Rousso is the most successful real estate agent in the area. She knows her stuff, drives a hard bargain and when push comes to shove, she always goes the extra mile to make a sale. Tiffany knows she has you close to buying her latest listing. She knows that the house is perfect for you, but also knows it is slightly out of your price range. Sitting the lovely home she can sense that you are about to counter offer for much less. Tiffany wants to seal the deal for more, ensuring her commission will be higher. She has seen you checking her out in her short skirt and tight top since the meeting began and knows you want to see more. She stands up, removing her jacket as she discusses the finer qualities of the property. She knows you like what you see and means more than just the house. Opening her long legs invitingly Tiffany lets you know that she is willing to do anything to close the deal. You forget about negotiating a better price as she wiggles out of her bra to expose her firm round tits and tells you she can keep going if she can get you to sign today. Now dressed just in her heels, the mature blonde opens her legs and starts to play with herself. All of this can be yours if you are willing to take the house. It is a great house and as you sign the papers, Tiffany cums hard on her fingers, begging you to get naked and join her to celebrate another deal.
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