Rika Fane VR and her friends from college have decided to enter a group challenge. They have each decided to give up on their favorite vice, the thing that they can't live without and causes them the most trouble.

For one of her friends, that means no drinking for a month. For another, it means no sugar. For Rika, the choice was easy. She has given up on sex with boys. This is no small thing for Rika who loves sex and has it daily with a number of different partners. She is unashamed by her brazen behavior and unhappy when two days have passed and she hasn't been filled with hard cock. She tries to take her mind off of sex by studying, but can't read a single page without feeling the desire to have something inside of her. Since the challenge only forbids sex with guys, there is nothing against the rules about getting herself off. As she starts to strip, she remembers that she took her friend's candy to help her keep her vow against sugar. Rika slowly licks the sweet treats, savoring the flavor and imagining a hard cock on her tongue. As it always does, the mere thought of giving head makes nipples stiff and her pussy drip. Her fingers gently tease her chest and track their way down over her belly to the warm wet spot between her thighs. Her fingers slip easily between her wet lips and instantly fills her entire body with waves of pleasure. She may be able to give up sex with guys for a while, but there is no way she can go too long without cumming. If she has to do this every day, she is going to make it to the end of the challenge and still get hers.

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