Sandralyd VR has always been a party girl. But more than a party she loves sex with her new boyfriend. She thinks you are a perfect match and she always tries to surprise you with the new revealing outfit and sexy moves.

Now when you call her she tells you that she is about to go out to have some fun, but before she wants you to see something she has prepared for her solo VR porn show. Her fishnets turn you on when she lifts up her skirt and you can see her tight pussy without any panties on. Seeing your cock hard, Sandralyd bends over and spreads her cheeks. Do you see how wet her pussy gets from watching you jerk off? This is how she plays with herself when she thinks about you and your big cock. Her favorite fantasies involve your dick right in her tightest hole. She teases and strips, showing you more of her body in fishnets and touching her horny pussy. You like what you see and that makes her even hotter. You hold out long enough to see her cum before you do. Your girlfriend is both, sex and fun and you love it.

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