Tiffany Rousso is a respected teacher and to make some extra money, she does private lessons with some of her former students who struggle adjusting to college.

Many of her students have grown into quite handsome young men and just as many have had crushes on the beautiful blonde. She tries to ignore their looks and obvious attention, but her new stepdaughter is a little less restrained in the presence of these handsome studs. When Matty sets her sights on one of Tiffany’s students, she finds ways to distract them from their lessons. One of her favourite moves is to peek in around a door in a sexy outfit to steal their attention. In this VR porn, she is shocked to see Tiffany open her dress and show you her sexy, mature body. Stepmom beat her to the hot young meat. When she finds her stepdaughter teasing you, Tiffany isn’t upset. In fact, she thinks the idea of a VR taboo threesome with her stepdaughter is pretty hot. You follow her into the bedroom where you all get naked. Your dick is already raging hard as your busty blonde tutor puts it into her mouth. Matty gets a taste too but has to wait her turn while stepmom samples the young stud’s powerful strokes. Tiffany breaks out her big tits for a few tricks that her petite stepdaughter just can’t match. Matty uses her tight pussy to keep your interest though and almost makes you nut inside of her. Instead, Tiffany takes over and rides you until you explode in her pussy. Next time, lessons in anal sex and Matty is invited to that session.

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