With everyone stuck home, Eva Elfie really misses her boyfriend in this VR porn solo scene. They talk on the phone every night and video chat when they can. Still, she misses his kisses and his big cock inside of her. Worried that he might forget about her, Eva decides to take some special pictures for him. She was saving a cute bra and panty set for a special occasion but decided it was the perfect time to try them on. The sheer martial is nearly see-through with little red kiss lips all over them. Eva sets up her camera and takes a few test shots. She loves the way the sexy clothes look on her lithe young body. These photos have to make her boyfriend so horny that he can't to come rushing over as soon as he can and fuck her tight holes. She tried to imagine her boyfriend at home looking at the pictures, taking out his cock and stroking it. Imagining him touching himself made Eva even hornier and by the time she took her panties off to show him her pink pussy, it was dripping wet. She stared into the camera and slipped her fingers inside, dreaming of when she could stop pretending and actually feel his cock in her. Picturing him stroking and exploding in his hand pushed Eva over the edge and she came all over her fingers. It wasn't as good as the real thing, but it would have to do for now.
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