Yorgelis Carillo VR has had a crush on her stepfather for a long time. Shortly after turning eighteen, she decides that she needs to let him know that she wants him.

Knowing that his favourite thing in the world is football and that he lives and dies with his team, she comes up with a plan. The busty teen figures that the best way to get his attention is to don the colours of his favourite team. She squeezes into an outfit that shows off her curves and leaves little to the imagination and starts snapping some selfies that she plans to send him when her mom is away. She is getting naughty with the pictures, showing off her juicy ass in tight shorts and bouncing her titties and acting like a professional VR porn model. Yorgelis doesn’t hear you when you come in and catch her. You can’t believe what you are seeing, but also can’t hit the big hard-on in your pants. You love her outfit and want to be inside of your sexy stepdaughter as soon as possible. She is shocked at how big your cock is, but is happy to take it into her mouth and show you that she knows how to please a man. You like her outfit so much that you have her leave it on, pulling the shorts down just enough to fuck her tight holes from behind. You give it to her good, making her moan and scream with each thrust. She wants to make sure you want to fuck her again so she wraps her tits around your dick and pumps until you are ready to blow. No way her mom can do that and she would never let you cum on her tits the way she does. She is the winner and happily claims her trophy as a top football slut.

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