Aria Carson has been enjoying her time at college. She has made new friends and has a very active sex life thanks to her father always being a little clueless.

That has all changed now that he has remarried and moved his new wife and her son into the house. Things are much stricter and Aria has to be careful sneaking in after coming home late from a party with her latest boyfriend. Her nosey stepbrother is up and waiting to catch her in the act. Aria tries to play it cool asking you to keep her secret, but she can tell by the look in your eyes that it is going to take more than goodwill for you to keep quiet. She has no problem doing whatever you want if that is what it takes to stay out of trouble. Bending over for you, Aria shows off her ass and is a little shocked when you pull out the biggest dick she has seen in a long time. Who knew the sneaky perv was hiding such a huge cock in his room watching VR Porn? Taking it in her mouth she makes you moan and then swear not to tell their parents how late she was. As good as she is with her mouth, you want more and turn her around to fuck that pussy from behind. Your deep strokes have her creaming and screaming so loud that she is worried her parents might catch her doing more than just breaking curfew. She is so busy trying to cum quietly that she doesn’t notice that you shoot your load right into her pussy. That wasn’t part of the plan, but it is better than getting in trouble. You tell her she can stay out as late as she wants and you will keep her secrets as long as she fucks you after. She isn’t sure she even needs to stay out with such a great dick waiting at home.

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