Ever since your mom married Missy’s father, you have been obsessed with your sexy stepsister. Trying to catch glimpses of her getting out of the shower or when she is hanging out in the pool.

She has become the one you think about every time you masturbate to VR porn and the desire to see her naked is driving you crazy. One day you come home and find Missy Luv in your bedroom and she is not alone. She has her friend Lili Charmelle with her in your bed. Missy explains that she has noticed you checking her out and while it turns her on to drive you wild, she is not into guys at all. She prefers other girls. Girls like Lili. On the other hand, Lili likes both girls and boys and since Missy loves showing off, they have decided to let you have what you want by watching them together. In this VR porn episode, you see no reason at all to pass up such an amazing opportunity and grab a chair as the girls start showing off. Their long legs and tight asses are nice, but it is their perky breasts that really grab your attention. Seeing them play with their nipples and pull their bottoms aside to expose their wet pussies is too much for you. No worries, they want you to take out your cock and enjoy yourself while they enjoy each other. With their legs in the air, the girls finger themselves while watching you pump your throbbing tool. Stroking it faster you dart your eyes back and forth between the two of them, waiting to see who cums first. You know it is going to be you. You can’t hold back anymore and ask them to roll over so you can shoot while looking at their asses.

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