It was supposed to be a long romantic weekend for Gina Varney and her new husband. They have both been working too hard and she has been incredibly horny.

A few days of breakfast in bed and non-stop lovemaking is exactly what she needed. Instead, her husband got called away on business and his son got stuck at home after missing his train back to college. The situation offered her a chance to act on some forbidden fantasies she had recently enjoyed after catching her stepson masturbating to VR Porn. You couldn’t see her, but she thoroughly enjoyed watching you pleasure yourself and couldn’t get your big cock out of her mind. In this VR porn video, she walks into the kitchen where you are having breakfast wearing the sexy lingerie she planned to wear for your father. You are shocked and suspicious of her advances so she has to work extra hard to get you to stay and enjoy the show. She has to drop her big juicy ass down on the table right in front of you and practically be you to take it in both hands. Still not convinced you sit quietly while she spreads her legs to show you just how wet with anticipation her pussy really is. She can see you getting hard in your pants and asks you to take your cock out and stroke for her. If you aren't ready to fuck her, she understands, but she wants you to get off together. You can’t resist and pump your cock until she cums on her fingers and you explode in your fist. Gina knows she has you right where she wants you and that cock is all hers.

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