After a long week at college you finally had a chance to relax. Thinking you were alone in the house, you kicked back with some porn and started to relieve some stress.

Suddenly your new stepmom, Tiffany comes through the door and catches you, cock in hand. She is shocked and embarrassed at first, but her eyes never leave your throbbing dick. Tiffany tells you not to stop and stares while you continue stroking. She has seen you sneaking peeks at her around the house and has noticed you as well. With dad working so many hours, she just isn't getting the regular fucking she needs. Crawling into your bed, Tiffany shows you her firm ass and makes you an offer. She needs cock and wants you to provide her with regular sex as long as you can keep it a secret from your father. She promises to give you anything you want and one look at hot blonde mom's wet pussy has you convinced she will be the best fuck of your life. From the look on your face and the way your cock throbs in your hand, she knows that you agree to her terms. Her clothes come off slowly, revealing her big breasts and tight wet pussy. She spreads her legs and tells you how much she wants to feel your cock inside of her mouth, her pussy and even her ass. So long as you can keep a secret all of her holes are yours to enjoy as often as you like.

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