Mia Split has always wanted to be a dancer. She took classes and did well, but her single mother could never afford to put her into the expensive private lessons some of the other girls took. When Mia's mother married her rich stepdad, he started paying for private sessions at the best ballet studio in their area. As a result, Mia was one of the best dancers at the studio and just days after her nineteenth birthday, she was chosen to dance the lead at the studio's performance. He is very proud of daughter, but will be unable to come to the performance. Mia is sad and really wants to thank father for the lessons that have made her success possible. So daughter decides to use a hanging chair to show him some of the moves she has learned. Her lean, flexible body has been perfectly trained and dad can't help but notice how beautiful daughter has become. Mia doesn't notice that her nipples keep slipping out of her dance outfit, but she certainly notices the huge bulge in father's pants. Shocked at first, she quickly realizes the best way to thank him for all those expensive dance lessons. Sucking on his cock, daughter keeps showing off her flexibility until dad's can't take it any more. He tears a hole in her leotard and pulls her into his lap, sliding his hard dick all the way into daughter's tight pussy. The talented dance does the splits on daddy's dick, fucking him until he is ready to shoot a load into her mouth. Mia promises to keep thanking him for the lessons and to keep their arrangement a secret from her mom.
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