Ariana Cortez has been living in her new house for a few months. Her mom got remarried and her new stepfather has a great job in a big VR porn company and plenty of room. It lacks privacy, but it is better than trying to pay rent while she goes to college. He works from home often but generally leaves her alone to study. She has developed a bit of a crush on him, so it is better that he is not around all the time. One day she is trying on a new outfit that includes a shamefully short skirt. She is surprised to find you home and asks your opinion, only flirting a bit. You try to sneak some pictures, but she catches you. Rather than getting mad, she uses the opportunity to confess her feelings for you while inviting you to take some really good VR porn shots of her naked body. The lewd display has your cock hard enough for her to see it through your jeans. That is all it takes for this horny teen slut to be all over you. You don't even try to resist and as soon as your cock is wet from her tongue, you bend her over and push it into her sweet hole. She has been waiting a long time for this and enjoys every throbbing inch as you fuck her deeper and harder than any of her boyfriends from school. Having fun with you, she can’t resist asking if her pussy is tighter than her mother’s. Of course it is and she knows that even before you tell her. It is so tight that you can’t stop yourself when she is bouncing on your dick. She doesn’t stop until you have shot your load deep inside of her and she feels it slowly dripping out of her. Ariana knows you will be spending a lot more time together.

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