Enjoying the last sunny weekend before going back to college, Jadilica, a stunning VR pornstar, is sunbathing in a very skimpy suit.

You have been her neighbor for years and watched from afar as she spent the summer at home. She will be leaving soon so you get a bit bolder, watching from nearby, thinking you are well hidden. When she turns over and you get a good look at her ass, you can’t help but sigh a little. Now she knows you are there and tells you to come out where she can see you. Why hide back there? Are you watching? What a perv you are. She tells you to come over and take a seat. If you really want to see her so badly, just sit there and get a good look. Have you been watching her all summer? In secret? Have you been taking out your cock and stroking it while looking at her long legs and firm ass? Do you run inside to masturbate or have you been stroking right there in your backyard? Well if you want to continue looking at her, she wants you to take your dick out and pump it for her. If you do, she will take off her bikini and show you what you have been fantasizing about. Sound like a good deal? This is what you have wanted all summer, go ahead and take it out. Pump it while her tits pop out. Stroke harder when you get a look at her sweet, tight pussy. Watching you masturbate makes her horny and she starts matching your pace with her fingers in and out of her juicy hole. You better enjoy this hot VR porn show while you can. Keep going. Stroke all the way to climax with your dream girl next door.

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