Ria Sunn has been waiting a long time for this day to come. Today is her stepbrother’s birthday and Ria has had a crush on him for years.

She has finally decided that she cannot keep this secret any longer. With their parents away for the weekend, she prepares something very special for him. After a long day of shopping, she has the perfect outfit. Something that leaves little to the imagination and is sure to drive him so crazy with desire that he won’t be able to resist their forbidden passion. When you finally arrive she is in bed with barely anything on and only stickers covering her nipples and pussy. A chocolate cake between her spread thighs completed the scene. When you walked through the door and got a look at what Ria was offering, you couldn’t believe it. You had fantasized about her for a long time and now she offered to make all of those dirty taboo VR porn dreams come true. You don’t want the cake but would be happy to eat the other treat between her legs. After doing such a good job, she really wants to blow out your big birthday candle. Giving head is her specialty and giving it to you is such a hot VR taboo kink that she dives in completely. Finally able to act on your forbidden fantasies, you fuck like rabbits on the bed, driving each other crazy as you unleash your pent-up lust. She rides hard and lets you shoot your load deep inside of her pussy. It is better than either of you could have expected and this is by far the best birthday gift you have ever received. Best of all, your parents are gone for the whole weekend leaving plenty of opportunity to make up for lost time.

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