Rika Fane has always enjoyed the holidays with her mother. Ever since her mother remarried, she has been looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with her new stepfather and stepbrother.

A last-minute business trip takes her mother away, but Rika is determined to make it a great Thanksgiving anyway. She does her best to prepare everything perfectly all by herself but didn’t realize just how difficult a task that would be. When she forgot to buy a turkey, she is devastated. How can they have a special family Thanksgiving without the turkey? She has one idea. When they arrive, she has the table all set up and asks them to close their eyes. In this special VR taboo episode, she tells them to look and they find her posing naked on the table in a provocative position with a proposition. Since there is no turkey, perhaps they would like to stuff her instead? Neither of them can resist the pretty blonde and decide that if everyone can keep a secret, this would be the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. Rika gets to work, sucking both big cocks until they are throbbing in her mouth. Her stepfather and stepbrother take over, one pounding on her tight pussy while the other continues to fuck her smiling face. She is happy to let them take turns as they move from the table to the floor for a more comfortable ride. They all have so much to be Thankful for. Her stepfather is thankful for how much tighter Rika is than her mother. Her stepbrother is thankful he is finally fucking the girl he has been fantasizing over. Rika is thankful to finally live out her VR porn fantasy of two guys at once. The fact that one is her stepbrother and the other is the guy who married her mom only makes it hotter. They both spray her face with hot cream, making it the best holiday ever.

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