Eva Generosi VR has been staying with granny Suzanne Wild VR. She is happy to help out, but has been getting lonely and more than a little bit horny.

Being away from home has kept her from masturbating, but also has her far away from her latest fuck buddy who just happens to be her step brother. The horny step siblings hatch a plan to get some alone time. Eva starts out by sharing tea with grandma in a short skirt and no panties. Granny gets one look at that and has heart palpitations. Eva calls for a doctor and one arrives. The mystery medicine man is her step brother and instead of treating granny, he whips out his cock for Eva to suck. Suzanne can't believe her eyes. Not only is her granddaughter being a complete slut, but her step grandson has a huge, delicious cock. It has been a long time since she has had any dick so she gets right down next to Eva and shares the meat. This was more than the horny lovers had planned for, but they lean into it, giving Suzanne the first shot at fucking that big dick. She cums once and lets Eva have a turn, pleased to see that she turned out to be a slut, just like her mother. Granny shows her some tricks, using her big soft tits to wrap around his dick. Eva tries, but they are too small to pull that one off. No matter, her pussy is good and squeezing him just right. Since they are both cum whores, they share his load, letting him blast their faces. Granny says Eva can come over anytime as long as she brings her studly step brother.

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