After keeping her feelings for her stepbrother a secret for years, Sky Piece has finally confessed her desires. She was thrilled to discover that you share her feelings and wants to act on them as soon as you can be alone.

Knowing that her parents will be out of town for the weekend, Sky goes shopping for something very special. She is so excited about finally being with you that she just can’t wait for you to be alone. She calls you into her bedroom wearing just her special lingerie. You are shocked and afraid you will get caught, but can’t help but stare at your sexy blonde stepsister. She asks you if you like what you see and of course, you do. She looks better than any VR Porn model you have ever jerked off to. Unconvinced, Sky tells you that if you really like what you see, you should take your cock out and stroke it for her. It is a huge risk, but one look at her naked ass and you can’t possibly resist. Sky watches you touching your cock and lets you know how much she wants to fuck you. Her clothes come off as she encourages you to stroke harder and faster. As her hand slips into her panties, you increase the speed of your stroking. It is a race to climax and you watch her cum just as you start to spurt. The smile on her face tells you that she is looking forward to the real thing as much as you are.

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