Today has been a very long day. Things at the office were tense and to make matters worse, you left home in the middle of a huge fight with your girlfriend Mary Popiense VR.

She has not returned your calls or texts all day and you are sure that the argument will continue as soon as you get home. To your surprise, she greets you at the door in a stunning green lingerie outfit and your absolute favorite heels. She looks gorgeous and reminds you of some hot model from a taboo VR porn movie. She tells you that she doesn’t like it when you fight and wants to show you how sorry she is in the best way she knows how. She tells you to sit down and get comfortable while she dances and shows off for you. The thin fabric barely covers anything and you love the way the sexy heels make her legs look long and amazing. Mary can already see that you are in a better mood and tells you to get your pants off to fully enjoy what she is about to do. She catches you staring at her ass and makes a show of wiggling her hips and bouncing her cheeks for you. Do you like to see her bent over, ass in the air, just waiting for you? Want to see more? How about a peek at her perky little titties first? See how hard the nipples get when she watches you stroke. And the rest? Do you want to see her wet little pussy? You are going to need to stroke faster to see that. There it is. You want to be inside of this, don’t you? That’s why you are pumping so fast. Well, she wants it too. Her fingers make her wet, but they are no substitute for the real thing. She is begging for forgiveness and will give you anything if you grant it. Quick, before you both cum.

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