Cute young Mona Blue VR is used to having any guy she wants. She certainly isn't used to losing a guy once she gets him. The last thing she expected was for her boyfriend to dump her for mom Sharon White.

To make matters worse, Sharon married daughter's ex-boyfriend and they all live together. In this VR video, Mona comes up with a plan to get revenge. She tells mother to trust her as she ties her to a chair and tapes her mouth shut. Now helpless, Sharon struggles as she watches Mona suck her new stepfather’s cock. She has to watch her man with another woman just like Mona did. Instead of making her angry, the show makes Sharon horny and when Mona takes the tape off her mouth, she begs to be allowed to take part in the fun. Mona agrees and is soon sharing father’s cock with mother. Share this lucky moment with a VR fantasy as a sexy mom and her dick-starved daughter devour his meat. The two horny ladies decide to share, taking turns getting fucked by his studly sword. He wouldn’t trade his wife for anyone, but Mona’s tight teenage twat is just so perfectly snug. Happy not to have to pick a favorite, he fucks them both until he can’t take it any longer. Then he watches them work his load out and spit it back and forth into each other’s mouth. The family that fucks together surely will stay together happily forever.

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