Busty blonde Sandra Sweet is on her way to a big VR taboo music festival. Wanting to get all the attention she can, she cooks a bunch of donuts and paints a sign to help give them away.

Her stepbrother sees her and decides to help her. You change the sign to focus on her big juicy “boobs.” She is shocked to see what you have written but intrigued that you noticed her big bouncing boobs in her tiny bikini. Getting playful, she pulls out her knockers and lets their weight hold up the sign while you stare in disbelief. She loves the look of desire in your eyes and invites you to touch them. You hand on her boobs make her feel horny, but when she sees your cock pop out of your jeans, she is overwhelmed by lust and just has to have him. It is so hard and much bigger than any of the guys she has been seeing. Since all the other guys are going to get free boobies, she wants to give you something special for giving her the idea. She invites you to fuck her tight pussy. This is a dream come true. You have thought of Sandra’s tight hole every night while you masturbate to VR Taboo Porn and now you're pumping the real thing while watching her perfect titties bounce. You fuck her like you have always wanted to and smile when she asks you to cum all over her pretty face. Your cream covers her smiling face and she looks just like the glazed sweet treats she planned to give out.

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