Claudia Garcia does her best to keep up with college while working hard to pay her bills. This semester, money is tight and she is on the verge of having to quit college.

Rather than drop out, she has decided to try posting nude photos on the new FapHouse platform to make ends meet. The early response to her sexy selfies is good, but she knows she needs to shoot higher-quality content if she really wants to make any significant money. Since her account is a secret even from her closest friends, Claudia decides to ask her stepbrother to help her shoot pictures for her. You agree, suggesting some poses you have seen on the Taboo VR Porn sites you visit. Claudia takes direction well, showing off her big booty while you snap pictures and record VR porn videos. Posing always makes her horny and she sneaks a peek at your crotch. To her pleasant surprise, your boner is visible and quite sizable. Since you are already hard and she needs content, it only seems natural that she let you film while she sucks your cock. Once her mouth works its magic, you are more than ready to stick that dick into her pussy from behind. Claudia knows that her fans will love the footage, but right now she just loves the way your big cock feels inside of her. Flipping her over, you slide between her big tits and fuck them good and hard. She can feel you throbbing in her as you both get close. Knowing what her fans want to see, she slides off of you and sucks until you blow a load all over her pretty face. With a great dick so close at hand, she is going to have a lot of awesome content in the future.

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