Back home after her first semester of college, Freya Mayer finds herself alone with her stepfather. Her mother is away for the weekend, enjoying time at the spa while forgetting all about both her husband and her daughter’s return home.

Freya doesn’t mind. She is happy to be home and enjoys her stepdad’s company. She also has had a crush on him ever since she spied on him watching him VR porn and stroking his big dick. They get caught up in her classes and Freya just keeps thinking naughty thoughts. She decides to get bold and begins to tell you about all of the boys on campus who are interested in her. When she can see you starting to shift in your seat, she turns up the heat, showing you more of her body and asking you if you think the guys on campus like her tits or her ass better. You try to stop her from showing you, but once her jeans are down you can’t stop staring at her ass. Once she has your full attention, Freya turns up the heat, asking you if her ass is better than your wife's. Even if you don't answer, the growing bulge in your pants tells her the truth and it turns her on. She tells you to take out your cock and then immediately exclaims that it is bigger than the ones she saw in VR porn movies. Watching you stroke it, she starts playing with her pussy, teasing you, asking you if you want to put it inside of her. Of course, you do, but it would be wrong. So wrong that you shudder and start cumming on the floor while she fucks herself. Next time you might not have the same self-control and Freya can’t wait.

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