Sexy young Lika Star (aka Masha) is hot and she knows it. Everyone knows. In fact, she has caught her new stepfather noticing her cute, tight body around the house. Lika Star doesn't mind. In fact she likes it. She has a crush on mom's new husband and has been waiting for a time when she could get him alone to see if he wanted to act on his lusty glances. When mom is off at work, Lika plops down on the couch in front of dad wearing tiny shorts and bright pink leggings. She starts reading a book, but knows he is already checking her out. When she catches him staring at her ass, Lika coyly covers it with a pillow but then asks if he likes what he sees. Dad doesn't even have to answer because the bulge in his jeans speaks for him. Tired of teasing from afar, she sits on his lap and they share a cupcake with the pretty teen licking icing from daddy's finger seductively. Lika wants more than his finger and he happily takes out his big cock. She smiles and stretches her lips around daddy's cock, sucking it deep and hard. Wanting to please him she licks the tip and asks him if she is better than her mommy. Having heard her mother's screams late at night, the sexy daughter can't wait to get father's big cock inside of her tight, horny pussy. Sitting in his lap, she takes it all in, feeling every inch and hearing him moan with great satisfaction. He doesn't answer, but she can feel by how hard his cock is that he loves pounding it into her. As his orgasm approaches, daddy tells her to turn around so she can take his load on her pretty face. Lika is proud of the job she has done and can't wait to fuck sexy father again.
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