Lika Star is very excited to see her boyfriend this weekend. It is his birthday and she has purchased a very special outfit to celebrate the occasion.

Her hope is that he will see her dressed in the black straps and pink fishnets and be so turned on that he can’t help but fuck her. Too excited to wait, she tries on her sexy VR porn model outfit and is shocked when her stepfather comes home early. You see way more of your stepdaughter than you should. At first, she is embarrassed, but Lika notices that you are getting hard looking at her. The whole point of the outfit was to turn a guy on and if it works this well on you, then her boyfriend is going to go crazy. In this VR porn movie, she shocks you with a bold move, grabbing your cock. Before you can object, she takes it out of your jeans and pops it into her dirty little mouth. No matter how wrong it might be, you can’t say no when she looks into your eyes and begs you to fuck her. She spins around and wiggles her ass while you pound her horny teen pussy. Lika screams that you are bigger than her boyfriend and wants to hear you tell her how much tighter she is than her mother. It’s true, she is and that only makes your big cock seem even bigger. You don’t want any accidents and ask her to suck you off. Lika agrees, knowing her mother never allows that. But she is mischievous and begs you to fuck her just a little longer until she cums. You agree and she bounces on your dick, screaming filthy daddy talk until you lose control and shoot your load into her. Ooops, better be more careful next time.

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