Freya Mayer is happy to be home from college. She has missed her mother so much. They used to be so close but between mom getting married over the summer and Freya moving away for school there just hasn’t been time to stay in touch.

When she arrives home, she is disappointed to find her mother out for the day, but Freya decides to make the most of it by baking a cake to surprise her mom. Her new stepfather thinks this is a great idea and offers to help decorate the delicious dessert. In this VR porn video, she can’t help but notice how you are staring at her. Freya has not had a boyfriend in a while and starts to feel turned on by your attention. Even though she knows it is wrong, Freya flirts back with you, finally letting you spill some icing onto her body. You have no choice but to quickly lick the sweet sticky sauce from her pretty little pussy. The taste of her sweet flesh has you rock hard in moments and the pretty coed can’t wait to get your dick down her throat. He is so much bigger and better than the boys she saw in VR porn movies and Freya no longer cares that you are married to her mother. She must have your dick inside of her this instant. You guide her up and down on your pole while her juices coat every inch of meat and she creams over and over to your forbidden strokes. You lose track of time, but she has enough good sense not to let you cum inside of her. Instead, she pulls out and asks you to glaze her face until it looks just like the cake for mom.

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