Ellie Shou is in a bit of trouble. Her grades this semester in college have not been good. Her mother has taken away her car and ordered her to stay at home this weekend, missing a big VR porn party.

Her mother also had to go out of town on business, leaving Ellie alone with her new stepfather. She is very horny and really wants to go to that party to find some quality dick. But she also wants to get even with her mom for being such a strict bitch. Ellie knows just what to do and her plan will satisfy all of her needs. She puts on a sexy little top and some tight booty shorts and finds her stepfather reading in his bedroom. You notice her and is visibly uncomfortable. You tell her right away that you are not going to override her mother’s wishes. She is not to go out this weekend. Ellie smiles and tells you that she is fine staying in. The look in your eyes tells her that you know you should send her away, but isn’t about to. You don’t have to let her go out. She is happy to stay right here and put on a taboo VR porn show for you. She bends over, showing off her ass and the “yes daddy” message on her white panties. Ellie enjoys the way you have to adjust your cock in your pants. Her top slips off and she plays with her perky tits while telling you how attractive you are and how much she loves you watching her. She takes off her panties and shows off her body. It’s OK if you want to take out your cock. She won’t tell anyone if you want to stroke it while she bangs her tight little hole. It turns her on to be Daddy’s little slut. She sticks out her tongue and cums while watching you shoot your load. Ellie knows she is going to get anything she wants from you from now on.

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