The new student Megan Love VR has recently joined the college and her classmates Leya Desantis VR and Milancheek VR are happy to help to get the newcomer fully onboard.

Firstly, they want to introduce the newby to her handsome teacher and when you come to your class, you see that all three girls are already there, waiting for you impatiently. Megan is smiling and starts flirting with you and soon the girls can feel the sexual tension. Leya and Milancheek start lifting Megan´s skirt and flash their perky nipples. You may feel a hardon in your pants as you can´t take your eyes off their sexy bodies and tight pussies. The girls play with each other and ask you to take out your cock. They like to see how you stroke it. Since they are almost naked, the girls decide to go fully nude and give you an amazing VR porn show. You can´t object to that, though they know you would love a foursome with all of them. As things intensify, Megan gets bold and starts kissing her friends, looking at you, until you shoot your load into the air. You definitely want to schedule more introductory meetings so that you can get to know each other even better.

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