Life long friends Kathy Anderson and Alexa Bold have shared a number of wonderful experiences over the years. They have known each other since college where they first experimented with lesbian sex. Since that time, they have stayed in touch, but grown apart. Both are happily married with families, but every time they get together, something magical seems to happen. With their husbands away on business, the two blondes have spent a fantastic day wine tasting. They return home happy and a little buzzed after a day of sun and lots of wine. Kathy gets playful, lifting her friend's short sundress and admiring her ass. The two mature blondes are overcome with lust and kiss one another passionately. Kathy has always loved Alexa's big, natural breasts and is thrilled to have her hands and mouth of them. The only thing that Kathy enjoys more than Alexa's breasts is her friend's talented tongue. It hits all the right spots when she spreads her legs for some probing oral action. They know just how to please each other and after cumming hard, both are still horny. Taking matters into their own hands, the blonde friends masturbate together, watching as they time their climax perfectly, cumming together as only old friends can.
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