Sofia Lee knows that she works for a very freaky family, but she had no idea just how wild they were until the day she discovered the special vegetable. She was cleaning the kitchen like she did every day when she came across a giant cucumber covered in a condom. Shocked, but intrigued she couldn't help but be curious. Sofia had heard of people using vegetables as sex toys and always wondered what one would feel like inside of her. She gets comfortable and starts to slide several inches of it into her pussy, enjoying the way it fills her up. Right in the middle of her self pleasure, the family's 19 year old daughter Lady Bug comes in and watches Sofia for a bit. She makes herself known the lusty maid and offers to help. As she slides the huge cucumber in an out of Sofia, Lady Bug tells her about the crazy group sex her family had the day before. The two masturbate together and are on the verge huge climaxes when Lady Bug's mom, Kathy Anderson comes home. Far from upset, she immediately joins daughter in enjoying their maid's huge tits. All three women rub their pussies and Kathy makes sure that Sofia is invited to take part the next time this kinky family has a kitchen orgy.
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