Returning home from shopping at the mall, nineteen year old Leyla Fiore finds her stepfather watching TV. She is really proud of her new purchase, a brand new bikini for a summer on the beach. Leyla wants her father's opinion on her purchase and asks if he will take a look. She takes it out of the bag and he is shocked at how tiny it looks. Assuring him it will look better on, daughter tells him to close his eyes while she changes into the new suit. Unable to resist temptation, he peeks at her as she slips out of her shorts and top. He knows he shouldn't be looking, but can't help but get horny at the sight of daughter's lovely young body. When she has the new suit on, Leyla shows father. It is even more revealing than the thought and he objects to her leaving the house in something so provocative. Leyla is disappointed, but also notices that father is aroused by the sight of her in her suit. This was the exact reaction she was hoping for. She sits on his lap and takes his cock out, stroking it even as he objects. Putting his cock in her mouth, she smiles at him knowing that he likes the way her tongue feels on his meat. Leyla shows him how easily her suit can be pulled aside to allow quick access to her tight little pussy. She promises not to tell her mother and begs him to flip her over and fuck her hard, like a real man. Dad no longer cares about the suit and just enjoys banging his pretty daughter until his cock explodes all over her face. Mom will never find out and they can have more fun at home than at the beach.
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