Taking their college courses from home, Alya Stark and her stepbrother have to record a news clip for class. It isn’t as much fun as the VR Porn Scenes usually watches. His mind wanders and he can’t help but think of how Alya reminds him of the VR Porn Stars he jerks off to. Sis gets bored with the project as well, wishing she could make a VR Porn Movie instead. Remembering how girls in the VR Porn Series tease the camera, Alya starts flirting with brother. It doesn’t work at first, but when she playfully licks at the microphone between takes, she notices a bulge in his pants. That is all Alya needed to turn their homework session into a homemade Virtual Reality Porn with no VR Goggles needed. She crawls over to brother and takes out his cock. It is already hard and quite big, just the way she likes them. Enjoy the view through your VR Headset as you look down at Alya swallowing brother’s hard cock. She sucks it deep just like in the VR Porn Movies and then asks him to fuck her horny pussy. Alya knows he is still recording, but doesn’t care. She wants that dick in her and she wants guys to see. She wants to make Virtual Reality Porn with brother. He is happy to give her what she wants and shoots a hot creamy load all over Alya. Who needs school? She just wants to make VR Porn Scenes every day.
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