Matty and Ariana Shine have been friends since they were very young. They have done everything together for years. Lately, Ariana has not had much luck dating and her best friend is worried that she might be getting lonely and frustrated.

Wanting to do something about it, Matty decides to set Ariana up with someone. Ariana once confessed to Matty that she had a bit of a crush on her stepbrother. It still seemed like the logical choice. In this VR porn video, Matty discusses her plan with her stepbrother. You agree and wait while Matty blindfolds Ariana and tells her she has a sexy surprise. With no idea what was going on, she opened her mouth and got a taste of a big hard cock. When Matty takes off the blindfold, Ariana is shocked to see that the owner of the mystery dick is Matty's stepbrother. After only a moment of hesitation, Matty invites her friend to join the fun and share your delicious dick. Ariana agrees immediately, getting her fill of your cock while watching the horny step-siblings kissing each other. Banging your step sister seems to really bring out the sex beast in you. You fuck them both with long, powerful strokes that have your stepsister squealing and her best friend’s toes curling. They grab your dick and stroke it until you explode all over both of their faces. Before the jizz even dries, Ariana is planning more sleepovers with her best friend and her studly stepbrother.

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